SoapMaking Classes Open Now

We really enjoy helping soapmakers learn about their craft, about ingredients, and about the chemistry of the process of soapmaking. And now we’re ready to announce our spring schedule of classes…right now we are conpletely focused on cold process soapmaking, as that’s the one area we get the most questions about.

Why does my soap DO that? What does “gel” mean? How do I get my soap to stay thin enough to make a swirl? Is lye safe to use?

From January through April, we are offering small group classes of no more than five students, or one-on-one private classes. If you’ve never made soap, sign up for the Beginner Cold Process Soap Class. If you’ve made some soap, but are still worried about your technique, the Beginner CP Soap Class is for you as well. Great for a small groups too (Ladies Night?). EDITS: We had to break up the class offerings on the website into monthly “products”. The blog post has been updated with the correct links.
January Classes, February Classes, March Classes, and April Classes.

If you want more time to get your individual questions answered, or if you want to learn how to formulate a lip balm, or how to scale up production, or how to work with SoapMaker3, you are welcome to use the Private CP Soap Class for those topics too — It’s Your Time!

We offer both classes at least twice a month in our shop in Fremont, CA. Sign up now!

Calendars of upcoming classes:

January Calendar
February Calendar
March Calendar
April Calendar

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