“Shay, is that Shea you’re yooshing?”

I keep hearing Liza Minnelli as I scoop Shea Butter into buckets at the shop: “Shtart Shpreading the Newsh, I’m Shcooping the Shea!!” Ok, perhaps this is a clue that it’s time for a coffee break. Sorry, Liza. Don’t mean to tease — and I truly do love her voice.

Shea Butter is the star of last minute gifts: Whipped Body Butters, Body Butter, Solid Lotion Bars, and even in Lip Balms. Our Shea is refined, so it’s creamy and well-behaved in non-soap products (Of course, melted, it’s a great addition to your soap formula. By far, the one ingredient most of our customers customize SoapQuick with is Shea Butter. Add it at about 10% to SoapQuick, and you’ve got a really great high-end addition to your product line.) Take a look at that lovely photo, taken by Dagmar Kuta Photography. Mmm. That’s our fantastic Shea Butter.

We have a Body Butter Base coming soon to Mission Peak Soap, featuring Shea, firmed up with a touch of beeswax. Melt, add fragrance, pour into heat proof containers, and you’re good to go. Body Butter Base will debut in January. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a great last minute gift idea — Whipped Shea Butter is your friend.

In general, the best Whipped Body Butter formulas are about 80% butter and 19 or 20% liquid oils. (That extra 1% can be used for Fragrance/Essential Oils.) Swift Crafty Monkey has a classic blog post on the topic of whipped butters HERE. Our recipe is based on hers:

5% Cocoa Butter
15% Mango Butter
60% Shea Butter
14% Apricot Kernel Oil
5% Jojoba Oil
1% Essential oil of your choice

Determine what container you are going to use — your local craft/hobby store has some great containers. Wash well, allow to air dry, spritz with rubbing alcohol and let that air dry. Whipped butters have a LOT of air in them, so figure that your capacity in each container is about 60% of the labeled size. An 8 ounce container holds just under 5 ounces (weight) of whipped product. Count up your containers, multiply by the labeled size and then multiply that number by 0.6. This will give you, approximately, the weight of oils you will need to fill your containers.

Measure your Cocoa and Mango butters (WEIGH THEM, do not measure by volume). Melt slowly over low heat while you measure Shea, Apricot Kernel Oil and Jojoba. Take your Mango and Shea mixture off heat when clear, pour into a wide mixing bowl, and refrigerate until oils are solid on top and around sides. Scrape down your bowl, and whip this mixture with a hand held beater as best you can. Add Shea, beat until incorporated, and then drizzle your liquid oils in. Add fragrance and best until light and fluffy. (A stand mixer is the best tool for really incorporating volume, but the hand mixer works too.)

Divide into your containers. Chill uncovered, for 4 hours or overnight. Bring uncovered containers back to room temp, cover, label, and give to your friends and family.

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