Custom “Masterbatching” (blending of oils for soapmaking)

Custom Blend of Oils

Custom Blend of Oils Ready for Shipping

If you need to ramp up production, Mission Peak is here to help.  Most of the time spent soapmaking is wasted in measuring out all the individual oils.

No More! We can “masterbatch” your formula for you, and when you’re ready to soap, you stir, melt, weigh only once, and go. We are happy to custom blend your oils for you, in advance. Streamline production. Get consistent results from batch to batch. Be efficient with your time so that you can spend it making soap and in selling soap — no more scooping coconut oil!

We blend in a minimum of one 55 gallon drum (approximately 400 pounds) quantity — this works out to about 10 five-gallon pails of product. We offer on-site storage for the bulk of your order, and will ship to you in units of five gallons as you need them. We recommend that you use up your oils within one year. Fresh oils make the best soap.

In general, if your blend has lots of fancy oils, it will cost more. If your blend is made up oils already stocked by Mission Peak Soap, it will cost less. We maintain client confidentiality, so your formula is safe with us. Most of the time, masterbatched blends are about $120-$150 per 35-pound bucket, not including shipping.

Cost of masterbatching is dependent on:

  • 1 hour consult at start of contract ($100)
  • Cost of oils
  • Labor
  • Shipping
  • Availability of oils and/or shipping of specialty oils to our location.

Although our specialty is in masterbatching for soap, we can masterbatch in smaller quantities for you lip balm base, body butter base, beard oil base, etc.

Please fill out the contact form below for a custom quote.

Wholesale Soap

Minimum of 40 pounds of finished soap per order, cut into bars or logs, shipped unwrapped.
Beveling of bars, custom scents, wrapping/boxing of individual bars available on a per piece charge. Please contact using the contact form below for more details.

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