Coconut Oil – 76 Degree (35 LBS)

Standard 76 degree, RBD, (“refined, bleached and deodorized”), food-quality coconut oil. Brings bubbles to soap.

This is plain coconut oil, not virgin. We recommend no higher than 30% of coconut oil in soap so as not to be too drying. For formulas which need to stay solid at room temp (scrubs, body butters) please consider using our 92 Degree Coconut Oil.

76 Coconut in Drums:
We stock 76 coconut in drums. Call for Current Price. Pick-Up Only.

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Product Description

Standard 76 degree, RBD, (“refined, bleached and deodorized”), coconut oil. No odor
Recommended SAP Value (Sodium Hydroxide) = .183

Additional Information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 15 in

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    Coconut Oil – 92 Degree Bulk


    Coconut Oil – 92 Degree Bulk


    92 Degree Coconut oil is 76 Degree coconut oil, part of which has been fully hydrogenated to raise its melting point. We don’t ship this oil long distances during the warm weather months – so stock up while it’s still cool. This oil has a very long (18 months in a cool location) shelf life.

    So easy to use. Turn the block out on a work table and cut it into slabs.

    50 pounds per box.

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