Alkanet Root

A natural purple colorant for soap! To get the best results from this product, we recommend Ruth Esteves' excellent book on natural colorants, available through The Nova Studio's website, Coloring Soap Naturally. To purchase her book, Use This Link.

This Alkanet Root is cut and sifted, so can only be used in oil infusions. 4 Ounces in a resealable bag.

Makes a lovely dusky purple color after cure. But be aware, it can turn a startling royal blue color in the raw soap batter. If you want a purple swirl in your soap, you will have to divide your soap formula in half and make a colored batch and an uncolored batch, and then combine them in the mold.

Did you know that alkanet was the original pH indicator in litmus strips?? Yes, it was. Which explains why it can shift color while the soap is fresh.

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Product Description

Cut and Sifted, not a powder. 4 ounces in resealable bag

To color soap, you will need to infuse this product into one of your oils, or to a portion of your oil blend. This is not a powder and cannot be added at trace. Combine with your oil blend or with one of your oils in a mason jar. Cover and warm gently in a crock pot or in a double boiler. Remove and let cool. Set aside for 4 weeks. Strain oil from root. Your soap may turn blue when using this product, but will return to purple as the soap cures. For more information, we recommend Ruth Esteves’ book Coloring Soap Naturally, available for sale at The Nova Studio.

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