Do you have instructions for SoapQuick?

On every SoapQuick page you can find links to the instruction sheets (scroll down to the product description towards the center of the page). We also have them here:

SoapQuick I Original Instruction

SoapQuick II Premium Instruction

SoapQuick III Palm Free Instruction

For all batches LESS than 4 pounds of oil, we provide measurements in grams, because this is more accurate for small quantities. For all batches MORE than 4 pounds of oil, we provide measurements in ounces. If you have a scale which measures in both, this is an easy conversion. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Do you sell Organic oils?

We purchase organic oils from certified vendors, and we produce a SoapQuick blend (Premium II) from those oils. We are happy to provide you with proof of organic source upon request. The individual oils are listed in our “Planet Friendly” section.

At this time we are not certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s State Organic Program to sell oils labeled as organic. We are in the process of reorganizing so that we may become fully certified.

Do you teach classes?

Yes! We teach a full introduction to soapmaking class about once a month in our shop in Fremont. You can find a full description [here]. We also teach private classes on the soapmaking topic of your choice. Recent topics have included Scaling up Production, Colors and Design, and Formulation. Please check Our Calendar for upcoming times.

In addition to those classes, we also teach non-soap classes at the Benicia Communty Center in Benicia, CA (Lip balms, bath bombs, scrubs, etc.) during the summer.

Please sign up for our class newsletter [here] for further information on topics and schedules for classes.

Can I pick up my order to save on shipping?

Yes, on specific days of the week only. If you need your order quickly, it is usually better to have your items shipped.

Please add a note to your order while completing the shopping cart saying that you’d like to arrange a pick up time. We will email you with available times – we sometimes work odd hours, but in general we are at 37266 Niles Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94536 on Mondays and Thursdays from 10-2. One Saturday a month we are also available for pickup.

What goes in your soap?

We make cold-process soap with food grade oils and a solution of water and lye. The oils are obtained directly from local refiners. We are fortunate to be located near the largest importer and refiner of coconut and palm oils on the West Coast. Many of our fragrances are essential-oil only. Some fragrances are manmade and obtained from various wholesalers of cosmetic grade fragrance oils manufactured for lotions and soap.

I have a seller's permit, do I have to pay sales tax?

We honor California seller’s permits as long as they are accompanied by this signature page. Please email this signature page to and create a customer account on the webpage.

Once we have the permit number and signature page on file, we will adjust your customer account to a wholesale account for non-tax purchases.

Do you sell lye?

Yes! 2 pounds of Sodium Hydroxide
We ship lye once a week on Mondays via FedEx Ground. If you order after 12 noon Pacific Time on a Sunday, your order will not ship until the following Monday, so plan ahead.

We also carry Caustic Soda Beads in bulk — local pick up only.
We do not carry Potassium Hydroxide for liquid or cream soapmaking at this time.