Introducing: Body Butter Base

You guys keep asking us about a Body Butter Base, especially if you’ve been to the shop and picked up a sample of our orange scented “Cuticle Cream”. We hear you — you want to have a predictable body butter balm without all the fuss of melting 6 or 8 different ingredients. Here you go! Body Butter Base comes in a 1 pound package or a 7 lb (1 gallon) size. Unscented, no preservatives, easy peasy to use.

It’s almost 50% Shea Butter, so it’s soft, creamy, and your customers will love it. Shea-Butter-Product-Photo-MSP-1-1170x1170
We originally developed this product to be poured into tins, but we’ve also had success pouring into PET jars as well. Our shea butter resists crystallization at room temp, which is critical in a body butter or balm. To ensure success, we recommend refrigerating your body butter for 24 hours after pouring.

To make body butter:

Melt until clear.
Add Fragrance (no more than 1.5% — do not exceed supplier’s recommendations for use in leave-on products)
Pour into tins — or, let cool slightly and pour into plastic jars.
Chill overnight.
Let come to room temp, cap and label.

For a really luxurious creamy product, melt and scent your base, chill overnight. Then stir your product well and scoop into jars. OOooOOO!

Let us know what you think,

Mission Peak Soap

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