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Retail Soap - Lavender Bars & our FAMOUS, BUDGET CONSCIOUS "Grab Bag" Soap

SOAPQUICK - Pre-blended mixture of base oils for soapmaking.

EQUIPMENT (soap mold & cutter, beveller, scales, soap drying trays)

BASE & CARRIER OILS (Castor, Coconut, Mission Peak Blend, Earth Mother Olive, Palm, Palm Kernel Flakes, Pistachio, Safflower High Oleic, SoapQuick,)

NEW! PLANET FRIENDLY Premium Carrier Oils (formerly "organic" oils) BASE & CARRIER OILS (Coconut, Olive, Palm, Sunflower)

WAXES & BUTTERS (carnauba wax, cocoa butter, shea butter)

OTHER SUPPLIES (citric acid, fractionated coconut oil, emulsifying wax NF, rosemary extract "roe", Sorbitol, stearic acid)

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     -  The Famous F&D Mold & Cutter
      -   The Famous F&D Soap Beveller
      -   Great Scale for Soaps & Lotions
      -   Economical Platform Scale
      -   Soap Drying Trays

"I just wanted to tell you that your soap mold/cutter box is Awesome!  I am sooooo happy that I purchased it and I thank you for your invention."

                                    - Princetta of Princetta's Beauty Secrets

F&D Soap Mold & Cutter Boxes
 4 LB Batch Size

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"Love, love, love the soap mold and cutter.  So fabulous!" - Erin or Oregon



NOTE: We are discontinuing the F&D Soap Mold and the only molds we have left in-stock are "blems" as they are slightly out-of square. They work just fine, and come with all the regular parts (knife, top, liners, instructions,etc.,) but the bars yielded by the mold will not be perfectly square. We have just a few left. We have reduced the price accordingly!

This high-quality mold and cutter system works great and is made to last a lifetime. There are no wires or plastic dividers to malfunction or break, and the system is very easy to learn to use. This Mold is designed for a soap batch utilizing approximately 4 LBS of oils*. One batch yields 18 bars weighing approximately 4.5 ounces each. Each bar measures 3" x 2 1/8th" x 1 3/8th". The mold can be lined with your choice of either freezer paper, or a lightweight plastic. The mold comes with complete instructions and a couple of sample mold-liners to get you started. Order an extra "blank" (no cutting guides) mold or two to accommodate 8 LB or 12 LB soap batches. Also please note that this mold and cutter is especially useful if you are interested in making soap with herbs and flowers imbedded in the face of the soap. Unlike many other cutting systems, this mold & cutter cuts the sides of the bars - not the face.

See pictures of making more soap with the mold, and check out our free soap recipes page.

***BLEM****F&D Soap Mold & Cutter Box w/ Knife: $50.00
Includes a top. As shown in slide show:
Extra Blank Molds: $50.00 each  (includes a top). Not shown. This mold does not have guides for the cutting knife. It is the same size and construction as the Mold and Cutter Box and is used when you want to make more than a single batch at one time. One Mold & Cutter Box can be used to cut soap from several molds, so long as the soap blocks are the proper size. Here's an example of making a double batch.
One Gallon Bucket of Our Famous SoapQuick, Pre-Blended Soapmaking Oil: $24.95 each.  We've made this easy for you, and combined  the correct amounts of coconut, palm, olive, high-oleic canola, and castor oils together in one bucket to make some great soap. Only one oil to weigh. One gallon will make about 40 nice bars of soap. Cheap! Comes with instructions for use with the F&D Mold & Cutter. See complete info sheet.

Free Bar Of Soap w/ Purchase of Mold
Made With The F&D Soap Mold & Cutter Box By The Soap Elves Here at Mission Peak Soap - No Charge. Limit one per customer, and only with purchase of a F&D Soap Mold & Cutter Box.

*Good basic, single-batch soap formula for the F&D Mold & Cutter is:
19.2 ounces of coconut oil
19.2 ounces of palm oil
25.6 ounces of olive oil
9.5 ounces of lye
20 ounces of distilled water.

Great Scale


Scale being shipped is usually silver
but also sometimes may be black. Depends on what
we have in stock.

Good Scale for Soap and Lotions. Model MP 7000. Weighs from 15 LBS all the way down to 1g. Stainless steel top. Durable, Washable, Accurate, and not a lot of dough. Tolerates an incredible amount of soap and lotion goop spilled down its face and sides, and still works! For the price and features, we don't know of a better scale. This is the same scale we abuse daily while weighing  everything from lye to grams of Rosemary Extract.  With this scale you can put your 4-quart pot directly on the scale, and still read the weight.  Uses AA batteries (not included) or a charger (see below). Comes with a manufacturer's guarantee (save your receipt). 

MP7000 Scale, color: Silver or Black: $45.00
120V AC Charger for MP7000 Scale: $8.00

Great Platform Scale

An essential part of the 5-gallon pail system of soapmaking

This is a great scale for weighing 5 gallon buckets of oil and soap mixture. Weighs from 0.1 LBS (1.6 ounces) all the way up to 130 LBS, with an accuracy of 0.1 LBS. Stainless steel top. Durable, Washable, and plenty accurate for weighing oil and water for larger soap batches in the 30 to 130 LB range. We use this scale regularly - right beneath the tank spout of our pre-mixed, warmed standard oil mixture. Put the bucket on the scale, open the tap... and let 'er fill to the desired weight. Remote digital read-out is easy to see and read. We've been using the same scale for 3 years now and it still works fine, despite the fact that it's had more than a few unintentional warm oil baths. For the price and features, we don't know of a better scale for this application. This scale is probably not accurate enough to be used to weigh amounts of Lye below 10 LBS. Use the smaller scale shown above for Lye. Runs on batteries, or on a 120v charger (included).

MP130 Platform Scale:  $94.95 - a steal!

Recycled Soap Drying Trays


These light-weight, food-grade, plastic trays are just fine for curing soap.  Won't stain soap. Each tray holds about 24 bars. You can stack these trays on top of one another to a height of 4 or maybe 5 trays by turning each one 90 degrees from the one below. Nicely ventilated. Washable. Trays are 18" long x 12" wide x 4 1/2" deep.
TRAY NOTES: If you are wondering why these trays cost so little, it's because they are not new. These trays are recycled and have been used once to carry flowers from Asia to the USA. We inspect these trays before they go out and remove any dried leaves and other matter from them prior to shipment, but they may arrive a bit dusty and you will probably want to wash them before you use them. These trays are not new.


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